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Spring’s got you stoked, and like some other folks, who pedal around in this town

You’re thinking inside ‘bout the Tuesday Night Ride and wondering what’s going down.

Won’t come as a shock that we’re back to the Rock, that Ascutney is once more the spot,

But this time we’ll start, and all will depart from the Town Forest’s own parking lot.

We’ll form a few groups and decide on the loops

Once participants have been revealed.

Some’ll head for the woods

and the challenging goods

Others, gentler stuff off Mile Long Field

We will ride ‘bout two hours

Then, head for the showers

At the end of a homeward bound drive

Now that you know

We expect you to show

Please be there by five forty five

Meet at the West Windsor Town Forest Trailhead, 750 Coaching Lane at 5:45, Tuesday 6/11/2024

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