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TNR on Bible Hill

Mike Andersen has this suggestion for TNR:

It's the month full of ghouls

A month full of ghosts

But we'll be safe in the Canyon with Mike as our host

Bike lights will look nifty

Riding trails from the fifty

Plus a new trail in town

Though it's yet to be found

Thus far only ridden by Magnus and hound.

Fennway and Duncan and Cliff are quite fun

And certainly no one would label them “lame”

But for those who want more

We'll have something in store

We’ll race down the infamous trail — Hall of Fame.

When we're done with the tricks

We're not done with the treats

We'll then hang by a fire and have something to eat

So bring bike, lights and swill

Even something to grill

And we'll break up the week with a Tuesday Night thrill

So, let's meet at Mike's: 298 Jewett Rd., West Windsor at 5:45. After grouping by ability/intensity of effort, we'll head out by 6:00

Also: For those who can make it - a ride will go out at 5:00, too - for those who want to ride the H of F and the full Magnum, or just like more daylight riding and want to do an extra loop before the rest arrive.

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