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First TNR - Lou’s Ride 4/25/2023

Thirty years ago, today, in nineteen ninety three

A fellow who lived in Skunk Hollow

Said, “Come mountain bike with me”

And a sizable group came to follow

Though ’twas new to them and to me

“But, that son of a gun

Claims that it’s fun

So, it, sure as hell, ought to be!”

We came back spent and broken

(Not like needing casts or splints)

But, perked up when we all heard Lou say

With a groan and a sigh and a wince,

“The Tavern’s closed each Tuesday

If your interest is piqued,

Ride again next week!”

It didn’t take much to convince

We’ve been doing it ever since

And every year the first ride is Lou's traditional warm up — an 11-mile gravel and pavement loop from Skunk Hollow Tavern in Hartland 4-Corners. Everyone is welcome to this no-drop casual ride. We don't mind waiting for you at various spots - gives us a chance to catch up with friends we missed over the winter. Plus, there are few places to make an easy exit on a shortcut back home. We meet up at 5:45 and roll out at 6:00. See you then.

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