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TNR Sticks to WWTF


It’s dark

It’s cold

But it’s still too soon

And inopportune

For TNR to fold

Or so I’ve been told

I’ll keep humming that tune

We will not fold

We will not fold

Lights on our helmets

Lights on our handlebars

We can see stuff enough

We don’t need to be superstars

But, when covered with leaves

A trail easily deceives

As to which way it weaves

And which way you should go

Riding home trails like these

Helps us to know

Hidden features and flow

Still, no guarantees

‘Bout what’s under the leaves

But be pleased to know

That at least it’s not snow

Meet at the West Windsor Town Forest Trailhead, 750 Coaching Lane at 5:45, Tuesday 10/7

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