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Ride with New/Old Friends

I could ride a lot more than I do.

That just me, or is that also you?

Being retired, I ne’er

Lack an hour to spare

If I’d just set aside one or two…

Most days I could, but I don’t.

You’d think that I would, but I won’t.

Opportunity’s good

For a ride in the woods

I mean, don’t we live in Vermont?

I'd rather not ride all alone.

No, I don’t need a guide to be shown

O’er the hill, through the canyon,

I just need a companion

To lure me, propel me outside

When I wheel with a sidekick who’s like-minded,

I feel like there’s magic behind it.

’Nother hill? Sure! So what?

Yes, it will kick my butt

But, with you along, I don’t really mind it!

Come join old friends (or make new ones) for the first 2023 Tuesday Night Ride from the Town Forest Trailhead, 750 Coaching Lane, Brownsville, 5/23/2023. We meet at 5:45, form 2 or 3 groups based on ability/desired ride intensity, then head out at 6:00 for about a 2-hour, no-drop mountain bike ride.

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