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TNR in the Jungle

Seen the last of the snows

Been through mud, wind, and rain

If the wet stuff no-shows

We’ll be riding again

We first rode on roads

The traditional beginning

Since no noses froze

We kept spinning and grinning

Through our home woods and meadows

The following Tuesday

Where-to next, my fine fellows?

But, then again, who’s to say

I s’pose I’ll disclose

Where next TNR goes

Opportunity arose

So I said “Yes!” To Joe’s

That’s Joe’s Jungle, you know

(You get the idea)

To ride it, we’ll go

To the home of Jake and Drea

At 84 Parrish View Road

5:45 we park in the drive

Or on Parrish, near Blood Hill Rd.

(If no space by the time you arrive)

We'll divide ourselves into 2 or 3 groups

Depending on what sort of ride we will do

At six we'll head out for a couple of loops

Before dark we'll return for a brew, maybe two.

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