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Tuesday NOT Ride

Photo by Jennifer Hannux

I think this Canadian air has knocked me silly!

In desperation

From deprivation

Of mountain biking recreation

I’ve given livin’

Some serious reconsideration

But don’t heed the need

For interventional confrontation

or cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Suicide, I’ll confide, is not my intention

Nor contemplation

In aching anticipation of the rain’s cessation,

Termination, or at least dissipation

After weather app consultation

And chance-of-precipitation calculations

I find consolation in the ramifications

Of its eventual evaporation:

Trail tread traction, compaction

And surface solidification

We’re sure to endure this weather aberration

And persistent recurrence of TNR cancellations


Turn utter frustration

with puddle formation

Into exultation and jubilation

For the nation’s celebration

And commemoration

Of independence declaration

And denunciation of taxation

Without the benefit of representation!

With holiday salutations,

Ascutney Trails Association

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