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Tuesday Ride it While You Can

TNR 11/8/22

You've heard this before

But, if not, here’s the score

After Friday, comin’ up,

Can’t bike Ascutney no more

Time to stop

Close up shop

But, there IS one chance more

Before slamming the door

The last Tuesday Night Ride on the trails we adore

Now that five comes at four

It’s too dark to explore

Off-mountain trails we’ve not ridden before

And attendance attrition

Messes with Lou’s mission

As ridership comes down to the same few hardcore

So please don’t be sore

But there’ll be no encore

That’s it for the 2022 TNR

Meet at AOC at the regular 5:45 start. (With the end of DST, the earlybird special ain’t so special) for the final TNR of the year. But, stay tuned for some moonlight snowshoes. Remember, Ascutney Trails close to bikes for hunting 11/12, but reopen on 12/12.

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